Friday, November 11, 2011

Win a FREE Book

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To Celebrate a New Book


Share your favorite bit of naggin’. Maybe something your mom nagged you about, something you nagged your children about, or perhaps something you wish you had nagged your children about — OR even something you wish someone had nagged your spouse about!  (Just think about all of those annoying little habits.)

There’s nothing scientific about this; we’ll select the one that just strikes our fancy most, the one that we really like.   It might be most hilarious or the one that hits closest to home; we don't know. The winner gets a FREE copy of the book.

Share your naggin’ in the comment section below between
Nov. 14th - Dec. 3rd at 12 noon EST.

Winner will be announced right here on or before Dec. 10th.


In the meantime, why not order books for holiday gift-giving?  Just think: the book is NEW, so no one has it yet.  It’s suitable for all ages, all walks of life, etc.  Easy to wrap, mail, pack.  A fun book with humor, wit, delightful illustrations and a bit a sarcasm.  In other words, it’s just right!


  1. I'm not sure if it counts, but my son did this:

  2. Take you hat off in the house, she is still nagging it and now it is MY HOUSE

  3. Don't fidget when you're talking to someone - it's annoying!

  4. "Quit humming/singing at the table!!!"

    As a child, without thought, I would sing or
    hum at the dinner table. My mom would always get onto me about it.

    Once I grew up and had my own house and table, funny thing is, it never crossed my mind to do it again.

  5. My 3 year old grand daughter seems to keep her finger in her nose so I am constantly telling her to get her fingers out of there. Now she tells me she is digging for bait.

  6. suck in your gut from my mom because she thought we were fat


What nagging do you remember? Favorites? Most bothersome? What illustrations do you like?