Saturday, February 11, 2012


Moms.  They come in all sizes, shapes,  colors, temperaments,  They answer to many names and are supposed to have the answers to all questions.

Naggin ‘

It’s the naggin you heard from your parents,

It’s the naggin’ your children heard from you.

It’s the naggin’ you wish your spouse had heard from somebody!

This year, make somebody’s mom smile on Mother’s Day.

No, better yet, make her Laugh Out Loud!

For moms, grandmoms, mothers-to-be.

For anyone who has ever had a mom!


Great gift for clients, co-workers, family & Friends.
By Former SC State Senator & Workers' Compensation Comissioner
Sherry Shealy Martschink
Featuring illustrations by 18 of SC’s budding artists.

Most likely, she won't have a copy already.
You don't have to worry about getting
the correct size, shape, color, style, etc.

Found in select stores, including Four Green Fields Gallery, Summerville; Rhoten's County Store, Lexington; Burry Bookstore, Hartsville; and Fiction Addiction, Greenville.
May also order at
Early orders will be happily autographed!

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